How to get the Best Cataract treatment in Chennai?


How to get the Best Cataract treatment in Chennai?

In the contemporary world countless people are distressed due to cataract. There are certain best cataracts treatments provided in Chennai which will be beneficial for all the cataract patients. Cataract should be taken as a serious medical condition. If cataract is left untreated the individual may go blind and there are many chances of being affected mentally.

So it is always better to prevent the worst happening and proper treatment should be taken as we all know that eyes are the precious part of a human body. First let us explore the elucidation and the facts about cataract.

Before getting to know the best cataract treatment in Chennai, let us know what cataract is. Cataract is a medical condition in which the lens of the eye becomes progressive opaque resulting in blurred vision. It is also called as opacity opaqueness. Aging is one of the main causes of cataract. In those days our ancestors had no such eye complications and they never faced such consequences in their young age.

But in the current world thirty to forty years old individuals are affected by cataract and there are various reasons behind it. Ultraviolet ray is one of the reasons why cataracts are formed. To our shocking surprise for certain individual cataract is present from birth. The transmission of light to the lens is prevented due to the clumps of yellow brown pigment deposited in front of the lens.

Types of cataract

Four types of cataract can be seen, nuclear cataract, cortical cataract, posterior capsule opacity and congenital cataract. Nuclear cataract first causes nearsightedness and it would temporarily develop the vision when an individual is reading news or any kind of content but as time passes the yellow pigment would engulf the lens that would cloud the vision and it would turn the images blurred without any proper clarity.

Nuclear cataract affects the central part of the lens. Cortical cataract clouds the edge of the lens cortex. As it slowly develops the streaks on the edge of the cataract cortex could extent to the central part and it would interfere with the light that passes through the centre of the lens. Cortical cataract damages the edges of the lens.

Posterior capsule opacity begins in the form of a tiny opaque that is usually formed behind the lens, right in the path of the light. A posterior capsule cataract affects the reading vision. It reduces an individual’s normal vision when the light is bright and it causes glare around lights at night time. This type of cataract has a progressive development that it occurs in a very short duration and it affects the back of the lens.

Cataract from birth

Cataract that an individual develop from their birth is called as congenital cataract. Few infants develop such type of congenital cataract during their childhood. This cataract occurs as it is genetic in the family.

There are few exceptions where congenital cataract can occur due to the association with an intrauterine infection, trauma or an injury. The best treatment for all types of cataract is available in Chennai. The common symptom that occurs for the cataract patients are listed down

Most of the cataract patients would have a blurred vision, it seems clouded and the vision would be dim compared to the normal vision of people. The person affected by cataract would feel the difficulty in their vision especially at night time. The individual will be extra sensitive to light and glare.

When it comes to reading they would be in need of an extra bright light so that it would make their reading process easy and better. They will be able to see halos around lights. Halo is nothing but a ring of light with radiance. There will a frequent change u=in the vision and often they would be prescribed to change the spectacles or the lens. Certain people will be able to see double vision in a single eye.

 Top 3 Best Cataract treatment Hospitals

There are certain Ophthalmologists who are doing the best cataract treatment in Chennai. Apollo hospital is one of the best hospitals that provide the best cataract treatment in Chennai. Consultation and testing will be done on the first visit. If the cataract formation is confirmed in the tests then the treatment for cataract would be preceded with patient’s agreement.

Smart Vision and Diabetes Clinic is another clinic that provides the best cataract treatment in Chennai. They believe in “Care beyond Compare”. They provide the best of services at affordable rates. When you visit Smart Vision and Diabetes Clinic, you will be amazed to see the way it is cleanly maintained. The staffs in the clinic are very courteous and serve the patients well. All the patients will be attended by experienced doctors unlike big corporate clinics where the patients are attended by less experienced people. If you are someone looking for a safe and proper check up of your eyes then you can definitely go for Smart Vision and Diabetes Clinic.

Another popular Eye Hospital is Sankara Nethralaya which has been serving people for so many years. It is a very good place for getting eye treatment. Since it is very popular you can see people from all over the country visit there. But the only drawback is you will have to wait for a very long time to get your eyes checked and getting appointment is also a tiring task. If you are someone who is looking for a lesser waiting time and lesser crowd, then you should reconsider choosing it.

Now let us see the different types of cataract treatment.

Phacoemulsification Cataract surgery

Surgeries are done to prevent the developing cataract and improve the vision. The techniques used for a cataract treatment depends on the following factors, the health of the eye is considered as a main factor, the other factors are the equipments used during the surgery and the expertise of the surgeon. The most common type of cataract treatment is called as phacoemulsification cataract surgery with foldable intraocular lens implantation.

Another new technology used to treat cataract will be quite interesting, it is a laser assisted cataract surgery that gives the higher level of precision for a particular step in a cataract surgery. In the phacoemulsification cataract surgery a small incision is done and at the end of surgery stitches are not needed. The instruments used are hand held instruments that are used to gain access to the cataract. The cataract is broken up with the ultrasonic energy and the fragments are gently detached from the eye.

 Laser cataract treatment

A special applicator is used during the surgery to insert the flexible IOL that unfolds inside the eye. The ophthalmologist securely positions the IOL in the particular location where the natural lens resides directly behind the pupil. Laser cataract surgery is one of the best cataract treatments that can be done in Chennai.

Laser cataract surgery is done with the system controlled, high speed laser for added precision. An incision is made in the eye that creates an opening in the anterior capsule of the lens to gain access to the cataract and fragmenting the cloudy lens prior to its removal from the eye. The best cataract treatments are available in Chennai which can be done for reasonable fee. While consulting the doctor discuss about the treatment which will be done to detach the fragments from the eye. In order to go through the best cataract treatment in Chennai read in detail about the surgeries and decide to whom you would prefer to go for a checkup.To know more on how to select the best cataract hospital in Chennai, you can go through our article here



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