How to choose the best cataract surgery hospital in Chennai

How to choose the best cataract surgery hospital in Chennai

Before getting into the details on choosing the best hospital, let us know the basics of cataract and how it can be treated through surgery.

A glimpse into the world of Cataract

          Cataract is a partial or complete clouding over the lens of an eye leading to decrease in eye sight or blurred vision, making it difficult for the person to see things clearly with ease. Cataract in certain peculiar cases forms an opaque layer over the lens causing complete loss of sight.

It is a very common tendency for the cataract to either be subjected to one eye or to both. The case of cataract typically differs from one patient to another. This is a disease very common due to aging.

Cataract make the lives of the victim miserable, causing them difficulty in driving, reading and doing any other daily activity that they have been used to doing all their life. Since Cataract is a slow process and takes a long time to develop into a serious disease, people often tend to overlook the blurriness and partial disturbance of their vision. In most of the cases, cataract takes a long time to develop and cause considerable disturbance and damage.

There are of course many other reasons for the occurrence of this disease which was once a dreadful one, but not today. Along with time have come developments in the field of medical sciences. Cataract was once a non curable disease, darkening the world of many but today fortunately, research has brought us advanced technology and surgical procedures which can cure cataract once and for all.

The usual symptoms of cataract are blurred vision, trouble seeing things in darkness, faded colours, halos around lights and difficulty in seeing bright lights. These are the potential symptoms of this disease which can take the victim to an extent where he finds it difficult to recognise faces of his near and dear. Cases of cataract are very common in people over the age of 40. This disease has been the highest contributor to cases of blindness or any other visual impairment.

What causes Cataract?

          Here are a few commonly found reasons.

  • Age

In most of the cases, it is the age factor that invites cataract. People above 40 years of age are vulnerable to cataract. As you get old, the proteins in the eyes start to denature and degrade which is fuelled by diseases like diabetes and hypertension. This disease is also contributed by environmental factors like toxins in the air, radiation and ultra violet light.

  • Trauma

Trauma causes swelling, thickening and whitening of the lens fibres. The swelling usually reduces while the white colour formed on the lens remains. In blunt trauma or in cases which penetrates the eyes, the capsule which accommodates the lens get damaged. This situation allows fluids from other parts of the eye to flow into the lens, which is pretty much the reason for swelling and later, whitening.

  • Smoking and Alcohol

Smoking cigarettes has always been a dreadful threat to cataracts, almost doubling the rate nuclear sclerotic cataracts and tripling the rate of posterior sub capsular cataracts. While smoking has been proved to be an absolutely dangerous beverage to the disease, studies on alcohol have been contradicting itself. A few tests have been evident that it is dangerous and a few proving it is not.

Another possibility to get affected by Cataract is Diabetes. If you have diabetes, you’re 60% more likely to get cataracts — and you’ll probably get them at a younger age than people without diabetes. Poor control of blood sugar can speed up this condition. With a cataract, the lens in your eye becomes cloudy. This blocks light and makes everything look hazy. Cataract surgery, where the eye’s natural lens is replaced with an artificial one, can help vision. Sometimes diabetic retinopathy can get worse after cataract surgery. To read more on this subject go through our FAQs on Cataract and Diabetes here

Cataract Prevention

Prevention of cataracts has engaged a lot of myths in the past and continues to do so. A series of studies has suggested that higher intake of certain nutrients and supplements may reduce the chances of cataracts. A severe study which lasted for over 10 years conducted by female health professionals has revealed that higher dietary intakes of Vitamin E and the carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin from food and its corresponding supplements were directly or indirectly associated with reduced risks of cataract.

How to choose the Best Cataract Surgery Hospital in Chennai?

          It is important and mandatory that preliminary tests are done by a qualified medical practitioner and get a clear picture of what kind of cataract you are suffering from. The first thing about medical diagnosis is “KNOWLEDGE IS WEALTH.” But you should make sure you find nothing but the best doctors and hospitals in Chennai to undergone the process of curing. Before that, let us know about the different kinds of cataracts there is.

Types of Cataract

  • Posterior Sub capsular Cataract

It occurs at the backside of the lens in the eye. Diabetes patients or people influenced by very high dosage of steroid medications have a great risk of developing this specific condition of Posterior Sub capsular Cataract.

  • Nuclear Cataract

It forms deep in the centre region of the lens. This type of cataract is usually associated with aging. People above the age of 40 tend to get vulnerable to this type of cataract.

  • Cortical cataract

            It is characterised by white, wedge-like opacities that begin in the periphery of the lens and find its way to the middle in a spoke-like fashion. Cortical cataract typically occurs in the lens cortex which is the part of the lens that surrounds the middle of the nucleus.

Equipment and Technology

            With advancements in technology, equipment and surgical procedures, hospitals and doctors are left with no choice but to keep with time which not only runs their business and service to the public, but also to make the job of the patient easier and painless. Claiming that cataract surgeries are painful and complicated and it is something to worried about is a thing of the past. Nowadays the entire process of cataract surgery has become comparatively quick and less painful.

The dawn of a new day witnesses new inventions and a break-through in research in the field of medical sciences. From times when cataract was operated with blades, we have come to live in a time where blades are no longer used in cataracts. The hospital you select should be nothing but the best with top of the ladder technology and equipment. Therefore it is very important that the best cataract surgery hospital in Chennai uses the latest of technologies.

Eye is one of the most delicate, sensitive and important parts of the human body. It is therefore mandatory for the hospital to take each and every step of the operation with caution and under the guidance of expert surgeons. From administering anaesthesia to using properly sterilised surgical instruments, it is the responsibility of the hospital to make sure everything is done right. Thus it is important for you to choose a hospital which has a clean sheet in successful operations in the past.

Expertise of the Surgeons

“It doesn’t matter what car it is, it is who drives it that matters the most.”

A well reputed hospital, most advanced equipment, successful research on latest technology and the best hospitality. All this will surely make you feel pampered and convinced that it is the right hospital for you, but what matters the most is the reputation and expertise of the surgeon.

It is mandatory for you to go through the profile of the surgeon who will be undertaking your case. Going through the profile of the surgeon and communicating with them in detail about your case is very essential. The way the surgeon comprehends your case is very crucial and this process has to be made a top priority. So it is all the most critical that the best cataract surgery hospital in Chennai has the best of surgeons.

Hospitality and Care

          The disease of cataract is not like other diseases where you get treated for the case and get discharged and take bed rest at home. Cataracts surgeries take time to heal, thus making it mandatory for you to stay under medical supervision for the entire recovery period.

The hospital should have employed very caring and committed support staff, who will be spending the recovery period with you, diagnosing and assessing the process of healing. The eyes have to be under the constant monitoring of the medical experts to make sure any unusual changes are attended to and treated.

This is pretty much all that you need to know and check before you choose the best cataract surgery hospital in Chennai.

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