15 common questions about Lasik Eye Surgery

15 common questions about Lasik Eye Surgery

Are you tired bored and annoyed of wearing the eyeglasses or the contact lenses? Lasik Eye Surgery can help you to overcome the problem.

Lasik Eye surgery is the most common type of surgery done to correct and improve the vision problems like nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia. LASIK is basically a word which stands for Laser-Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis. The main benefit of Lasik eye surgery is that the surgery can be completed quickly and there is a quick recovery (within a week) with long term results.

Lasik Eye surgery is the most popular and an effective treatment for eyes to reduce the dependence on an eyewear or corrective lenses. Lasik eye surgery helps in improving the vision immediately after the surgery though it takes few weeks to adjust your vision. There is no requirement of bandages or stitches after Lasik eye surgery. Lasik surgery has a good track of record in making the patients satisfied with the results. Lasik Eye Surgery is one of the safest and most successful surgical procedures that any eye patient can undergo.

Let us discuss 15 common questions about Lasik Eye Surgery:

1. What do you mean by Lasik Eye Surgery?

Ans: Lasik Eye Surgery is basically a laser refractive surgery to correct certain vision problems. In other words Lasik Eye Surgery can be explained as a procedure that reshapes the cornea to enable light entering the eye to be properly focused onto the retina for clearer vision. Lasik Eye Surgery is primarily done for Myopia, Hyperopia, Astigmatism, Presbyopia etc.

2. Who is not suitable for Lasik eye surgery?

Ans: Generally Lasik Eye Surgery is a low risk surgery but not everyone is a good patient for this surgery. There is certain criterion which has to be checked to understand if Lasik eye surgery is actually suitable for you.

For Lasik Eye Surgery your eyes must be healthy, your cornea must have sufficient thickness, your pupils must not be overly large, you must be over a certain age, you must have stable vision for at least a year, you must be in good health.

It is also not advisable to those who are pregnant or those who have autoimmune disorders, a weakened immune system, persistent dry eyes etc. The doctor can explain you, whether you are suitable for the surgery or not and also the risk or benefit involved in the surgery.

3. Is Lasik Eye Surgery painful?

Ans: Lasik Eye Surgery is certainly a painless treatment. Generally the surgery begins with numbing the eyes by applying eye drops which makes the pain less severe and reduces the discomfort level during the surgery.

After the surgery there may be a chance of a minor pain or itching as your eyes starts healing. This discomfort is for a short period till your vision gets stabilized. Thus, Lasik Eye Surgery is absolutely a painless procedure while both during and after the surgery.

4. How long does Lasik Eye Surgery last? Is it permanent?

Ans: Lasik Eye Surgery is meant to be a surgery which permanently corrects the vision prescription. There is a good track of records of successful Lasik surgeries. But in certain cases, after a certain period of time there may be chances of getting a blurry vision.

This may be due to the changes that can occur in the lens inside the eye. But the study says maximum number of patients enjoy excellent vision permanently. Lasik Eye surgery gives an effective and improved result permanently except a limited number of cases.

5. Is there any age criteria for Lasik Eye Surgery?

Ans: There is no set of age boundary for Lasik Eye Surgery. But Lasik Eye surgery is not advisable to those who are under 18. That is because their eyesight tends to keep changing till this age. Quite a few surgeons will not advise Lasik Eye surgery for those who are under 21 as well.

Because, there is a maximum chance or tendency for the changes in the eye till the age of 21. But surgeons may agree for surgery if they have a stable eye prescription at least for 2 years. There is no upper age limit for Lasik eye surgery. Anyone can do Lasik surgery as far as they have healthy eyes. Therefore there is no age barrier for Lasik Eye Surgery.

6. Is Lasik Eye Surgery a costly procedure?

Ans: The cost of Lasik Eye Surgery depends on clinic to clinic or hospitals to hospitals. The cost of the surgery may start with least amount of Rs. 5000 to more than a Lakh. However, you have to understand the fact that the lesser you spend; you may invite more of complications in the surgery.

Lasik Eye Surgery is the best treatment to fix the eye problems. It is a surgery which assures a permanent eye solution to maximum possible number except certain cases. Therefore spending on Lasik eye surgery is not a misspending.

7. What is the recovery time after Lasik Eye Surgery?

Ans: Precisely, Lasik Eye Surgery does not have a definite time of recovery. Ideally the eyes starts healing promptly after the surgery, but you may start getting a sharp vision the day after your surgery.

You may also experience a blurred vision for a week or more which is very normal. To get a complete recovery after Lasik eye surgery, it may take around 6 six months of time. Recovery also depends on the care for the eye given by you.

8. What are the tips for fast recovery?

Ans: You may have a disturbed vision after the surgery. This will be comfortless experience like itching, mild pain, redness etc. that you may go through which is quite normal. To overcome this situation you have to take proper care of your eyes. Below given are the tips for fast recovery:

·         Use the prescription eye drops regularly.

·         Avoid dust & smoke.

·         Avoid extreme level of sunlight.

·         Take follow-up appointments.

·         Use eye protective glasses.

·         Avoid eye makeup, etc.

9. Is crying harmful after Lasik Eye surgery?

Ans: Crying is absolutely not a harmful factor for eyes after Lasik Eye Surgery. In fact, tears keeps the eye lubricated which helps in quick healing of your eyes. Thus crying is not at all harmful but rubbing eyes after crying may adversely affect your eyes.

10. What are the advantages of Lasik Eye surgery?

Ans: Lasik eye surgery is quick and safe. The result of the surgery is quick and gives you a clear vision with good quality of life. You can live a life without prescription glasses or contact lenses throughout your life. You can enjoy an extremely improved vision.

11.  What are the risks involved in Lasik Eye Surgery?

Ans: There are certain risks involved in Lasik Eye Surgery like dry eyes, glare or double vision, under corrections, over corrections, astigmatism, flap problems, vision loss or vision changes etc.

12. Can Lasik Eye Surgery be done twice?

Ans: Yes, Lasik Eye Surgery can be done twice. There are chances of changing the eye prescription after several years of treatment, for which retreatment is necessary. This may happen because of natural aging process. Thus before fixing the second surgery, patient’s eye health has to be thoroughly checked.

13. How long does Lasik Eye Surgery take?

Ans: The time taken for the Lasik Eye Surgery completely depends of the patient’s eye prescription. It is one of the easiest vision correction surgeries available. Lasik Eye surgery approximately takes 10-15 minutes.

14. What are the prerequisites that a patient should take care of before Lasik Eye Surgery?

Ans: Prior to Lasik Eye Surgery, perform a thorough eye check-up. The patient should stop using contact lenses at least 3 or 5 days before the surgery. They must also stop using eye make-up or creams one day before the surgery and also avoid dust while going for the surgery.

15. Which is the most recommended clinic for Lasik Eye Surgery?

Ans: I would genuinely recommend Smart Vision and Diabetes Clinic, who deal in detailed Eye Check-Up, Optical, Contact Lens Clinic, Cataract, Cornea and Refractive Surgeries, Uvea, Glaucoma and Retina Services, etc. You can book your appointment here.




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